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13th September 2014
The Archipelago of Treasures

On 11th and 12th September, the third grade students participated in a prophylactic program - "The
Archipelago of Treasures ". The program was led by the trainers from the Institute of Integrated
Prophylactic. You can read more about the program on the website of
the Institute. See the photos.


11th September 2014
A new school address
We want to inform that the name of the street on which our school is located has been changed.
The present address is: 1 hm. Izydora Kossowska street, Przemyśl
Here you can find more information about Izydora Kossowska.


10th September 2014
Health Promoting School
All the information about our activities within the Health Promoting
School you can find on the school website under the logo of
the Health Promoting School.


8th September 2014
A night marathon for class 1c
At night on 5th September, a marathon for class 1c was organised. The teachers Mrs. Anna Kustra,
Mrs. Anna Lubińska and Mr. Remigiusz Łuc were taking care of the students. The first-year pupils started
the marathon from games during which they met better and they had a great time together. The class
watched some interesting films, and spent some time at the gym playing volleyball and football.
 A tasty surprise was waiting for all the participants. It was a delicious hot pizza.
See the photos.


3rd September 2014
The first DSD certificates in our school were handed out!
A ceremony of handing out the DSD certificates (Deutsches Sprachdiplom – German Language Diploma) 
was held today in the High School No 2. The representatives of the educational authorities took part in
the ceremony. Mrs. Dorothea Burdzik - the coordinator of the DSD program - handed out the certificates to
twenty students form our school who graduated this year: Piotr Chabko, Kinga Chruścicka, Miłosz Gierlak,
Maciej Głowniak, Gracjan Grabowski, Gabriela Grzegorzewska, Anita Igras, Aleksandra Kurasz, Anita
Łopatiak, Weronika Malinowska, Maciej Pirożyński, Magdalena Poczesna, Krzysztof Pogorzelec,
Dajana Skrzypek, Gabriela Sroka, Piotr Starzak, Karolina Wagner, Natan Wąsowicz,
Angelika Wilczyńska and Katarzyna Zajączkowska. Congratulations!
See the photos.

1st September 2014
The beginning of the school year
Today, we started another school year. The teachers, students and their parents took part in
the ceremony on the school gym. After the ceremony the students met with their teachers. We
wish all the students success in learning and many nice moments in our school.
See the photos.


27th June 2014
The end of the school year
Today, we celebrated the end of the school year. During the official part of the ceremony the finalists of
different competitions, the best students and the most active members of the Tourist School Club received
awards and diplomas. The third-former students handed over the school banner and the former pupil book
to the second-former students. The artistic part of the ceremony was presented by the students from
class III b. We wish you happy and sunny holidays.
See the photos.

18th June 2014
A party for third-year students !!!
Here you can see the
photos from the party which was organized for third-year students form our school.
18th June 2014
The summary of the sport year in schools
Today, the ceremony summarizing the sport year 2013/2014 in schools took place.
Our school took the third place among the secondary schools. Congratulations to
the students and the teachers of physical education. See the
photos and a diploma.


Existing at our school Friends Association of Gimnazjum No 3 in Przemyś
l informs that it has an account in
Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy O/Przemyśl.
Nr konta
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Thank you for every sum of money transferred for the development of our educational institution