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im. Szarych Szeregów
w Przemyślu

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27th January 2015
Hearts for hospice
Students from our school took part in 3rd nationwide action
“Give your hear to hospice”.
We were given
thanks for our commitment to helping incurably ill children.


27th January 2015
On 23rd Janury at 4:30 p.m. Christmas Carol Singing was held. Among many guests were: Priest Prelate
Stanisław Czenczek, the teaching staff, retired teachers, administrative workers, scouts, our students
with their parents and grandparents. The coordinator of this event was Mrs Barbara Terlecka,the music
teacher. The performers were singing carols in Polish, English and German and presented the history
of traditions and customs connected with Christmas. It was a magical evening. We would like to
thank the performers and students who helped in preparations.
- Solists: Julia Kurcz, Albina Motylewicz, Agata Zacharko, Gabriela Chuchra, Joanna Brzuchacz,
Beata Daniszewska, Paulina Behen, Jan Wąsacz, Kamila Popadyn, Katarzyna Rzońca
- the guitar: Paulina Behen, Gabriela Chuchra, Julia Kurcz, Marcin Łaszkiewicz, Bartłomiej Ruśnica,
- the cello: Albina Motylewicz, the violin: Wiktoria Popadyn,
- the drums: Paulina Behen,
- the piano: Mrs Barbara Terlecka, the guitar and melody: Priest Piotr Dziuk,
- English songs: Mrs Katarzyna Terlecka-Kurcz
- decorations: the catechist

21st January 2015
Table tennis

On the 21st and 22nd January Powiatowa Gimnazjada in table tennis took place.
First, the schoolgirls were playing table tennis: Karolina Kowalik, Joanna Brzuchacz
and Wiktoria Sochań. They won the first place. On the second day the schoolboys
were playing table tennis: Krystian Lewicki, Adrian Żółkiewicz and Bartosz Galanty.
They also won the first place. The coach of the teams was Lesław Brzuchacz.

22nd January 2015
On the 19th and 2th January Powiatowa Gimnazjada in handball took
place. The representatives of our school got 4th place.
The coaches of the team were Anna Warło and Antoni Kulik.


20th January 2015
Another certificate for our school

Our school got “School promoting European Code Against Cancer” certificate.


16th January 2015
Today students from Primary School No. 11 in Przemyśl visited our school.


15th January 2015
“Christmas card” contest

Today the ceremony of giving certificates “Christmas Card” took place.
Three students from our school became the laureates.
1st place – Anna Korzępa ( 2A)
2nd place – Angelika Rodak (2c)
3rd place – Dominika Antoniak (2c)
The laureates were given certificates and some gifts.
The coordinator of the contest was Mrs Jolanta Kozłowska, the Art teacher.

13th January 2015
The results of the library contest
The results of the school literary contest “Magiczna Moc Bożego Narodzenia”,
organised by the school library, were settled.
1st place – Alicja Sawicka (1A) for a touching story “Królicze serce”
2nd place – Mirosław Gajda (3B) for a text written in rhyme
3rd place – Wiktoria Kuniec (2D)
All participants were given the certificates and some gifts. Congratulations!

30th December, 2014
Thanks for the help given to animals
Recently in our school we passed the hat round for the Animals Shelter
in Orzechowce. We got
thanks for our help.


19th December, 2014
Nativity Play and Christmas Eves
Today we had a very festive mood in our school. Students have seen a modern version of the
nativity play prepared by Mrs. Panecka and Mrs. Barbara Terlecka. Next we had Christmas Eves
in all the classes. Our school has been visited by a huge group of graduates.


Existing at our school Friends Association of Gimnazjum No 3 in Przemyś
l informs that it has an account in
Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy O/Przemyśl.
Nr konta
48 8642 1155 2015 1506 0976 0001 (click here for further information)
Thank you for every sum of money transferred for the development of our educational institution