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9th April 2015
On Thursday 9th, April in the 1st Lyceum in Przemyśl, the event called „VIII Kwietniowe spotkania
z Juliuszem Słowackim” took place. A lot of students participated in this event. In the competition
of a sung poetry Julia Kurcz with accompany of Albina Motylewicz (IIc, cello), Wiktoria Popadyn (Ia, violin)
and Mrs. Barbara Terlecka (piano) gained a distinction. They performed a song called “Testament mój”.
The show was prepared properly under the supervision of Mrs. Barbara Terlecka. The 2nd place in the
art contest was given to Pola Sycz (IIIa) prepared by Mrs Jolanta  Kozłowska. In the competition called
“VIII Powiatowy Konkurs Recytatorski” Dawid Urban was awarded. He was prepared by Mrs. Ewa
Darasz. Congratulations for the laureates of these competitions!


8th April 2015
A special visit – In „Dom Matki i Dziecka” in Przemyśl
We’ve finished gathering clothes, cleaning supplies for babies and diapers. We want to say thanks
for all the engagement of our students and their parents, who joined us and sacrificed their time to
help. We also want to say thanks to the members of the group called “Szkolny Klub Wolontariatu”
for help and Mr. Remigiusz Łuc for given help in transporting. The leader of “Samorząd Ucznowski”
Malwina Wojtowicz, said best Easter wishes to the children from “Dom Matki i Dziecka”.

1st April 2015
"Win the success"
On the 27th of March in Radymno entrance eliminations for 20th Singing Competition
"Win the success" took place. Albina Motylewicz (class IIc), prepared by Mrs Barbara
Terlecka, qualified to the regional level of the competition. She performed songs:
 "Kocham cię życie" and "Piosenkę na zły czas". Congratulations! 


31st March 2015
The competition „ Between the chemistry and biology”
On 25th march there was a school competition “Between the chemistry and biology”. Mrs Ewa
Semań and Mrs Jadwiga Tomczyk had organized the competition. There are the winners:
1st place – Edyta Nuckowska (class 3b)
2nd place – Julia Kurcz (class 2a)
3rd place – Karolina Kluz (class 3e)


27th March 2015
Let’s sum up the action “I’m an ecologist”
Today, some prizes have been given to the participants of an action “I’m an ecologist –
collection of paper and flat batteries”. The winners were classes 2b and 3b. Oskar Tomków
collected 600 kg of paper. He got 5 kilos candies and apples.


27th March 2015
School Competition of knowledge about the Patron of our School
Yesterday, the competition of knowledge about “Grey Ranks” was held. Our students participated
in it. The jury consisted of the headmaster - Mr Damian Schulz, history teachers Mr Halina Ziejło
and Mr Antoni Kanas and a Polish teacher – Mrs Lubomira Stepan. The winners were:
1st place – class 3e (Justyna Haliszczak i Patryk Bober)
2nd place – class 2a (Anna Gąsior i Weronika Sanocka)
3rd place – class 1b (Kacper Kasprzyk i Michał Kasprzyk)


23rd March 2015
Festival of Scout’s Songs
On 21st March, there was a Festival of Scout’s Songs. Scouts had been divided into smaller groups.
Each group had to sing two songs. The event was called “Arsenał”. Scouts from our school won
the contest. You can read more about the event
here. You can see photos there as well.


23rd March 2015
„Let’s replace paper, glass, plastic into the vitamins for children and teenagers”
On 20th March teenagers from our school took part in an event „Let’s replace paper, glass, plastic into
the vitamins for children and teenagers”. The event had a very interesting schedule. One of the greatest
attractions was an exhibition connected with the environment. Our school was represented by six
students. Ewelina Sura got a honorable mention. Recyclable materials were collected and then replaced
into apples and sweets. In the collection of recyclable materials students from different schools were
involved. The prize was unique. The winner won a great amount of money for school. We didn’t win but
we took 3rd place and we got 500zl. Mrs Jadwiga Tomczyk and Małgorzata Panecka were
coordinating the action.
See photos.



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