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27th November 2014
St Andrew’s disco
See photos from the St. Andrew’s disco, which took part today in our school.

27th November 2014
Our success in the competition about our town
On 26th November took place the final of arts and photography competition „Przemyśl – the town
of monuments” organized by the Central Administration of Polish Eastern Association in Przemyśl
and housing estate club „Salezjańskie”. The aim of the competition was to draw attention to the
beauty of our town, show well-known monuments as well as forgotten ones. Participants could
choose art. or photography. Our studentsLaura Jabłońska (class 2d) took the first place and

Klaudia Sidor (class 2d) took the second place for the artwork done in pencil
technique „The Kazimir Castle”.They received valuable books, material prizes
and diplomas. The main sponsor of prezes was District Office in Przemyśl.
Our students’ artworks were prepared under the direcion of Ms Katarzyna
Paczkowska and Ewa Maciołek form our school library.

27th November 2014
The results of maths competition which took place on 26th November

        The first grades:
I miejsce:

Klaudiusz Rożko (Ib)
Jakub Morawski (Ib)
II miejsce:
Gabriela Chmura (Ia)
Damian Worobiec (Ic)
Damian Makar (Ib)
Agata Zacharko (Ib)
Kacper Stanowski (Ib)
Kinga Korniak (Ic)
III miejsce:
Paulina Migdalczyk (Ic)
Kamil Szkafarak (Ib)
Jan Wąsacz (Ib)
The second grades:
I miejsce :
Marcin Sobek (IIa)
II miejsce:
Julia Kurcz (IIa)
Patryk Kania (IIa)
III miejsce:
Blanka Białowąs (IId) Jakub Nowakowski (IIb)

The third grades:
I miejsce:
Michał Kotek (IIIb)
II miejsce:
Wojciech Lorek (IIIb)
Wojciech Sikora (IIId)
 III miejsce:
Arkadiusz Wojdyła (IIIb)
Arkadiusz Jędruch (IIIb)
Dominik Klimczyk (IIIb)

27th November 2014
The success of DSD class
The 1st Interschool Competition for 2nd-year DSD classes took place today
in Gimnazjum No 4. Our school representation: Anita Kempa, Patryk Kuźmiński,
Paweł Kudyba i Wiktoria Sroka, took the 1st place in the team competition
„Mein Deutsch mit DSD". We congratulate and wish more success.
26th November 2014
Health Promoting School National Certificate
We are glad to inform that our school will receive the Health Promoting School
National Certificate on 9th Warsaw. The certificate was given to ou
r school for the achievements in long-term work on the promotion of healthy life
style. You can see our work by clicking this link:
26th November 2014
The Satire Tournament „For gold pin"
On Saturday 22nd November in the Cultural Centre in Przemyśl took place the
17th Nationwide Satire Tournament „For gold pin” under the name of Ignacy Krasicki.
 In the category of satirical song our school was represented by Julia Kurcz from class
2a and Albina Motylewicz from class 2c. Albina received distinction. Congratulations!
21st November 2014
Gimnazjum No3 - The patronage school of Volleyball School Centres
On 14th November the mayor Robert Chomabin the presence of Mr Adam
Kowalski the regional coordinator of School Volleyball Centres (SOS), Piotr
Pajda the provincial coordinator of SOS, Zbigniew Rużycki the deputy of the
Sport and Education Board and Stanisław Kołodziej the headmaster of our school signed the act
of accession to the SOS project. Our school gained the status of the patronage school SOS and the
Volleyball Academy has began its activity. Four Primary Schools No 5, No 6, No 11, No 15 and
Students’ Sport Club „15” joined the Academy. The aim of it is organizing mini volleyball and volleyball
classes as well as training of young players in these disciplines. All school participating in the Academy
will benefit from the sport equipment as well as local and central organizational and promotional support.
They will take part in the games and tournaments, and receive training support.
20th November 2014
Technical workshops in our school
On 19th November the group of students from our school took part in the technical worlshops. The participants
made the technical and artistic works connected with the forthcoming Christmas like Christmas trees made
of pasta, newspapers and cones, decorated boxes and nice snowmen. Student also prepared Christmas
cards made in the Iris folding technique. Workshops were supervised by Ms Ewa Prajzner.
See photos.

14th Noember 2014
Advancement in the German language competition
We are glad to inform that our student from class 3d Maja Młynarska advanced to the secondo
stage of German language competition organized by the Board of Education in Rzeszów.
We congratulate and wish success in the next stage!


Existing at our school Friends Association of Gimnazjum No 3 in Przemyś
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