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27th June 2014
The end of the school year
Today, we celebrated the end of the school year. During the official part of the ceremony the finalists of
different competitions, the best students and the most active members of the Tourist School Club received
awards and diplomas. The third-former students handed over the school banner and the former pupil book
to the second-former students. The artistic part of the ceremony was presented by the students from
class III b. We wish you happy and sunny holidays.
See the photos.

18th June 2014
A party for third-year students !!!
Here you can see the
photos from the party which was organized for third-year students form our school.
18th June 2014
The summary of the sport year in schools
Today, the ceremony summarizing the sport year 2013/2014 in schools took place.
Our school took the third place among the secondary schools. Congratulations to
the students and the teachers of physical education. See the
photos and a diploma.
18th June 2014
'Gimnazjada' in athletics
The boys team from our school took the third place in athletics league.
Congratulations! See the diploma.
18th June 2014
'DSD-Meister' competition
On Saturday, 14th June the competition 'DSD-Meister' for second-year students was held.
It took place in High School No. 2. It was attended by the teams of five students. Our
school was represented by two teams from DSD class. The Secondary School No.1
and Secondary school No.4 also took part in the competition. Maja Młynarska took
the third place. Congratulations! Here you can see the

17th June 2014
'A postcard from...' - an art and photography competition
We are pleased to announce that Gabriela Chuchra (IIa) took the third place in the
competition 'A postcard from ...' organized by the Secondary School ' Stowarzyszenie
Absolwentów I LO' She has done a drawing showing England and its characteristic
red telephone booths. The work was prepared under the direction of Mrs. Jolanta
Kozlowska. Congratulations! See the
photos and the diplomas.

16th June 2014
The German language competition - 'Spacerkiem po DACH-u'
Today, the German language competition was held in the Secondary School 'Stowarzyszenie
Absolwentów I LO'. Sixteen secondary schools from Przemyśl and the surrounding area
took part in the competition. Each school was represented by three students. Anita Igras, Magdalena Poczesna and Karolina Wagner from class III d represented our school.
Magdalena Poczesna took the second place. Congratulations! The competition was
connected with the day of the foreign languages??. The organizers prepared a presentation
in English, dances from different countries, performances of the vocalists singing songs
in different languages and traditional national dishes. Our girls won a competition for
the best polyglots. See the
pictures and the diplomas.
12th June 2014
'Gimnazjada' – Football Championship
On 10th and 11th June 'Powiatowa Gimnazjada' in football took place. The team
from our school took the third place. Congratulation! Here you can see the
11th June 2014
Freedom Day
Today, the students from class IIId and IId took part in the campaign 'Dzień Wolnoś I Tag der' organized by the Polish-German Youth Cooperation. It was organized as a part of the jubilee celebrations of the events in 1989: the Round Table deliberations, the first partly free parliamentary elections in Poland and the fall of the Berlin Wall in
Germany. As a part of the campaign the students learned the history of Germany from the second half of
the twentieth century, especially the history of the Berlin Wall. The program included: the history lesson,
the showing of the films: 'The Sunny Alley' and 'Good Bye Lenin', the fragments of the concert 'The Wall -
Live in Berlin' and a quiz about the history of Germany. Each participant received a gift founded by the
Polish-German Youth Cooperation.
See the photos.
10th June 2014
'Health Promoting School' on Podkarpacka TV
On PodkarpackaTV you can see a film about the efforts of our school to get a national certificate of the
'Health Promoting Schools'. You can also see a short film about the ceremony, which took place
on 29th May. Here you can
see the film.


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