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21st February 2015
'Gimstopy' in winter
The most impatient members of the School Touring Club – 'Gimstopy' decided about taking part in
the 1st Winter Hike. On 21st February, Mrs Małgorzata Klepacka, Mrs Jolanta Kozłowska, Mrs Anna
Lubińska and their students travelled across 'Fort V Grochowce - Fort VI Helicha - Fort Zniesienie'.
The guide of the group was Mrs Ewa Prajzner, who was telling about the history of the region.
Everyone was happy to listen about the fortifications and memorials of the Second World War.
The weather was like in  spring, but they decided to warm up so they built a bonfire.
They were roasting sausages and drinking hot tea.
Here you can see the photos.

16th February 2015
Sport and winter holidays
During the winter holidays our students participated in physical education
lessons organised by the teachers from our school. The students
could improve their skills in football, basketball
and volleyball. See the photos.

15th February 2015
St Valentine's Day
On 14th February, the representatives of our school took part in a Valentine's
campaign. The students were handing out 'the symbols of St. Valentine ' on
the streets in Przemyśl. The hearts were prepared during the lessons with
Mrs Ewa Prajzner. See the photos.

12th February 2015
An invitation to the Winter Hike with Gimstopy!
We would like to invite all the active members of the School Touring Club
'Gimstopy' to the 1st Winter Hike. It will take place on Saturday, 21st February.
Here you can find the details.

30th January 2015
Gifted at music
Recently, a group of our students and teachers presented their vocal and instrumental skills.
They participated in a concert of Christmas carols. They also took part in open days in our school.
See the photos of our school artists.


30th January 2015
The students from the Primary School No. 5 and No. 15 in our school
Today, the sixth-year students from the Primary School No. 5 and No. 15 visited our school.
Here you can see the photos.

29th January 2015
Our success in speed-skating
'Powiatowa Gimnazjada' in speed-skating took place on 28th January. The line-up
of the boys team was: Wojciech Sikora,Adrian Słaby, Arkadiusz Jędruch, Piotr
Drapała i Remigiusz Kwaśnicki. The boys took the first place. Our girls took the
third place. The line -up of the team was Sabina Chruszcz, Julia Zaremba, Mariola
Kopeć and Weronika Sanocka. The best places in the individual ranking were
taken by: Wojciech Sikora – 1st place - 250m, Arkadiusz Jędruch – 3rd place -
250m, Wojciech Sikora – 1st place - 500m, Arkadiusz Jędruch – 2nd place - 500m. 
Congratulations! The coaches of the teams were Mrs Anna Warło and Mr Antoni
Kulik. See the
diplomas and the photos.


29th January 2015
The students from the Primary School No. 1 and No. 5 in our school
Today, the sixth-year students from the Primary School No. 1 and No. 5 visited our school.
Our guests visited the school building and they took part in the demonstrations of physics.
They also watched a concert of Christmas carols prepared by the students from our school.
See the photos.

28th January 2015
The first tournament of the Volleyball Academy 'SOS'
On 24th January, the first tournament of the eastern group of podkarpacie voivodeship
- 'the Kinder Sport Plus Cup' took place in Stalowa Wola. The teams that belong
to the Volleyball Academy 'SOS' took part in the tournament. The Przemyśl
Volleyball Academy 'SOS' is made up of teams from the Primary School No. 5,
No. 6, No. 1, No. 15 and the 'UKS' No.15 form Gimnazjum No. 3.
Here you
can find more information about the tournament. See the
photos No.1
and the
photos No. 2.


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